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Tabletop Squadron

Feb 27, 2020

Imperial Inspector Syla Rau continues on her mission to squash rebel activity. Will she complete her goal? Or will a meeting with crimeboss Oga be too much?

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Syla Rau is played by Aly Grauer @dreamstobecome


Content Warnings

  • Gaslighting
  • Violence, injury
  • Drug and alcohol mentions
  • Strong language

Music Credits

  •  Albinoni - Concerto for 2 Oboes in F Major Op9 no3, 2 Adagio by Advent Chamber Orchestra 
  •  Arround the Village (ID 1183) by Lobo Loco
  • Sand Dweller by Metre
  • Rainy Day Blues by Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra 
  •  Cosmic Relevance by Unheard Music Concepts
  • We have To Do Something by Komiku